Levitra (vardenafil) and its use

Levitra is a marketed name for a special medication (vardenafil) used to cope with male sexual problems. Levitra generic is one of several erectile dysfunction medications that have recently become available. This drug is not working though without the sexual desire itself, so foreplay is advised before taking Levitra generic. The greatest advantage of the Levitra generic is that the medication should be taken a few minutes before the intercourse and it lasts for a long time. The best effect comes when consume the pill without food. When you had a good meal, even the strongest Levitra 20mg will take about an hour to start working. It also goes very well with alcohol; the main component (varnenafil) will still be the same effective even after a good amount of wine. If you are about to rush to the nearest pharmacy to buy Levitra, there’s also some bad news. Levitra 20 cost is quite high comparing to other medications with the same effect. And it’s a strictly prescribed drug. Though you might find Levitra online on different websites, don’t attempt to buy Levitra unless you make sure it’s an original medication. When it comes to the amount of dose you need to take there are several amounts of vardenafil in one pill – the most active are Levitra 10mg and Levitra 20mg. They are also the most popular when you are looking for buying Levitra online. For the patients with liver problems the safe dosage of Levitra generic is 5mg. The first dose recommended by any doctor is Levitra 10mg, and then the patient should decide whether he is happy with the effect. Before you buy Levitra you should consult your medic, so he will prescribe the safe dosage for you personally.

Levitra 20: how and when to use

Levitra 20 is the most powerful generic of this kind. Although it shouldn’t be taken thoughtlessly. It comes in a form of a round tablet of orange colour with a dosage of active component (vardenafil) on one side, and the manufacturer sign on the other side. You may buy Levitra in three strengths (5, 10 or 20 mg) depending on your prescription. If you are willing to increase the amount of medication, don’t go blindly to buy Levitra online. First, consult your doctor or the pharmacist. It’s also very important to take only one tablet per day, especially if you taking Levitra 20. The main component of Levitra (vardenafil) is extremely powerful. Overdose may lead to numerous side effects, the worst of which would be priapism (a very painful erection that may damage the penis). It’s also prohibited to take Levitra 20mg or Levitra 10mg every day. If you are planning to have sex several days in a week, it would be better to switch to another drug. Though Levitra price won’t give you the luxury of having it daily at your disposal. The average retail Levitra cost in the United States reached more than 600$ for ten tablets in 2019. So before you type buy Levitra 20mg online, think twice, whether you can afford it.


One tablet of Levitra 20mg is equivalent to 100mg of Viagra. Before swallowing dissolve the pill fully on the tongue. Levitra cost prompts you to be careful with the purchase. Don’t believe advertisements with cheap prices. Going to order Levitra online make sure it’s not a fake drug. Levitra 20 is a strong medication, first talk to your doctor before increasing the dose. Tell him about other drugs and vitamins that you have been using recently. Don’t buy Levitra upon your own choice, the wrong dose might damage your health. Don’t use Levitra if you have problems with your heart, because it might lead to heart attack and increase the risk of a stroke.